Engaging Men

The Call for Men in WPS: The Role of Male Allies in a So-Far Female-Dominated Agenda

June 19, 2018
The signing of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 was the first formal recognition of the critical role women play in conflict mitigation and prevention, and peacebuilding.

Security Roundtable: Interview with Major General Patrick Cammaert, Former United Nations Force Commander for the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

May 05, 2018

Security Roundtable: Interview with Male Leaders on Promoting Gender Equality in International Security and Peace

February 02, 2018
The topic of Women, Peace, and Security and UNSCR 1325 has become recognized as a key issue in global discussions today. While the focus of UNSCR 1325 is on empowering women, men—and especially male leaders—are needed to advance the agenda forward successfully.

Faces of WPS: Engaging Male Leaders at the United Nations

October 04, 2017
At the end of September, Miroslav Lajčák, President of the seventy-second session of the General Assembly, joined the growing list of International Gender Champions (IGC), as he was awarded the title at a special ceremony held in his offic
Arno Michaelis, Photo by Sandy Phipps

Saying Their Peace: Arno Michaelis

February 08, 2017
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