Erin Cooper

Erin Cooper is currently pursuing a master’s degree with specializations in Security and Human Rights at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver in International Studies. At the University of Denver, she is a staff member of the Human Trafficking Center and will serve as Deputy Director for the academic year of 2019-2020. Her academic interest lies in the impact of security issues on human rights and international development, particularly in South Asia. She previously interned with the International Rescue Committee and served as an Education Volunteer with the United States Peace Corps in rural Thailand.


Melanne Verveer women

Women Wednesday: Melanne Verveer

September 17, 2019
“Investments in women are positively correlated to growth, prosperity, stability, democracy, health - and vital to our national security. We cannot write off the talent of half the world and expect to confront our challenges.”
Ambassador Steve McGann women's rights

Feminist Friday: Ambassador Steven McGann

September 05, 2019
"To me that meant promoting human rights, and we all know that women’s rights are human rights, seeking gender equality and protecting vulnerable populations... those are pretty good bases for a national security framework."
brave girls documentary review

Brave Girls Film Review

August 28, 2019
Brave Girls tells a universally relatable coming-of-age story about rebellion against societal expectations, falling in love, and how the consequences of your decisions can shape the rest of your life. Following three young women from Dholka, India, the film shows how they are charting their own... more
What happens when feminist people win?

What Happens When (Feminist) People Win

August 22, 2019
A July 2019 opinion piece from Ms. magazine titled “What Happens When (Feminist) Women Win,” by Dr.
Clare Hutchinson Women Wednesday

Women Wednesday: Clare Hutchinson

August 20, 2019
“We must get more women into leadership positions around the world. We must do better in having women have strong voices and articulate those voices at the table…"
Secretary0General Antonio Guterres feminist

Feminist Friday: António Guterres

August 16, 2019
“The UN must be at the forefront of the global movement towards gender equality, an inalienable and indivisible feature of all human rights and fundamental freedoms: progressively moving from perceiving women and girls as a subject of protection to promoting their empowerment; from an isolated... more
peace women indiginous

Indigenous Women and the Women, Peace and Security Movement

August 09, 2019
 Epidemic. Crisis. Genocide. These are all words used to describe the sheer volume of violence Native and indigenous women face in North America. How can the Women, Peace and Security movement be leveraged for the benefit of indigenous women?
security trafficking women

The Parallels of Human Trafficking and Human Security

August 01, 2019
The past three presidents have made human trafficking a governance priority. But is human trafficking a threat against individuals or a national security threat? Can it be both?