Hannah Proctor WPS Specialist

Hannah Proctor

WPS Project Specialist

Hannah Proctor is the WPS Project Specialist with Our Secure Future. Previously, she worked at Women In International Security (WIIS), focusing on states’ National Action Plans on Women, Peace and Security and the role of sexual and reproductive healthcare in the WPS agenda. Hannah also served on a WIIS panel on the 2019 US Strategy on WPS. She graduated with Merit from the London School of Economics in the inaugural cohort of the MSc in Women, Peace and Security, and Magna Cum Laude from the University of Georgia with dual Bachelor’s Degrees in Women’s Studies and International Affairs. At LSE, Hannah completed a dissertation on the role of women and girls’ right to education in preventing and mitigating intrastate conflict. Hannah has worked with TEDxUGA, the Special Olympics World Games, and NK Istra, where she developed the Girls’ Empowerment Program.



Gender Equality: A Movement Without Borders

September 14, 2021
We must not abandon Afghan women now, as gender equality goes beyond domestic policy within the US or Afghanistan. 

OSF’s Letters on Afghanistan

August 31, 2021
Read the two letters OSF and partner organizations sent to Congress and the Holy See to urge the Biden Administration to act in Afghanistan.

The Inaugural WPS Congressional Report

August 10, 2021
On June 20, 2021, the Biden Administration released its inaugural report on the ongoing implementation of WPS within the administration.
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Our Secure Future Celebrates Pride

June 29, 2021
This June, OSF celebrates Pride Month and the activism of community leaders who have improved our collective security through fighting for their human rights.
Gender, Security, Women, Gender Equality, National Security, Foreign Policy

Gender Equality: A Better Path to Security and Stability

June 22, 2021
What happens when we depart from the traditional security path? Better outcomes for everyone.
Gender, Racism, Atlanta, Equality, Asian American

Gendered Racism and US Security

May 10, 2021
Intersectionality is a tool that gives us better insight into how to tackle social inequality. What happens when it is not applied to peace and security?
Black Women US Activists Peacebuilders

Black Women Peacebuilders throughout US Movements

February 19, 2021
Our Secure Future celebrates this Black History Month to celebrate the leadership of Black American women peacebuilders. 
sexual gender based violence

COVID-19 and SGBV: Two Deadly Pandemics

August 20, 2020
While COVID-19 continues to affect the globe and national security of most nations, rape and femicide are a chronic pandemic of a different kind.