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April 06, 2021

TEDTalk Tuesday: Jody Williams

Nobel Laureate Jody Williams describes her realistic vision for world peace built based on human security realized by the actions of ordinary people.
March 24, 2021

Perspectives on Peace

Check out OEF’s new series, Perspectives on Peace, kicking off with some of the team from Our Secure Future!
March 02, 2021

TEDTalk Tuesday: Cecile Richards

Activist Cecile Richards recounts the progress women have made in politics, but highlights how much more work is to be done in gender equality.
February 06, 2021

TEDTalk Tuesday: Agnes Binagwaho

“So we know that women, when they use their skills in leadership positions, they enhance the entire population they are in charge of. And imagine what would happen if women were at parity with men all over the world."
February 02, 2021

TEDTalk Tuesday: Madeleine Albright

“I think that they thought that it was a soft issue. The bottom line that I decided was, actually, women's issues are the hardest issues because they are the ones that have to do with life and death in so many aspects; and because, as I said, it is really central to the way that we think about thing...
December 01, 2020

TEDTalk Tuesday: Dr. Joana Cook

Dr. Cook explores women’s rights in ISIS recruitment, the need to recognize women as actors, and to engage and support women in all aspects of security.