Perspectives on Peace

Check out OEF’s new series, Perspectives on Peace, kicking off with some of the team from Our Secure Future!

Recently, One Earth Future launched a series called Perspectives on Peace elevating some of the different voices, experiences, and expertise across OEF’s seven programs and highlighting their dynamic individual stories that contribute to our greater mission of peacebuilding. As March is Women’s History Month, the series began with a focus on women. The inaugural episode features OSF founder Cynda Collins Arsenault sharing how she became involved in the mission for women’s inclusion in peace and security issues. 

So what value do women add? Well, women bring a different skill set, and you can't solve the problems of the world with the same mindset that created them. War, for example, has traditionally been a male dominated domain. By bringing women into the process in all aspects, whether that's economic, healthcare, politics, etc...women add their unique perspectives, which gets us to better solutions in the long term.”

Check out the following episodes from OSF Director Sahana Dharmapuri and OSF Program Manager Erin Cooper as well! 


Visit our full playlist to see more of our women peacebuilders that are making a difference in Somalia, Vienna, Colombia, and right here in the United States.