George Wong


Gender-neutral, gender-blind, data bias, WPS, Urban Planning, infrastructure, systemic bias

Lessons From Gender-Blind Infrastructure

May 17, 2021
The lessons from how a lack of women in the urban planning and infrastructure fields equally apply to the WPS agenda in international peace and security.
WPS foreign policy United States middle class

Gender Analysis: The Best Tool for American Foreign Policy for the Middle Class

February 23, 2021
How can WPS impact the Biden administration’s new orientation of foreign policy for the American middle class?
Julia Bacha TedTalk

TEDTalk Tuesday: Julia Bacha

November 09, 2020
The stories we tell (or don’t tell) in political movements are critical in whether or not a movement will be successful. Listen to what Julia Bacha has to say.
Curb cuts

The Curb-cut Effect in Peace and Security: Why Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Benefits Everyone

October 30, 2020
First blog from our new team member, George Wong! What similarities are there between curb cut-outs and WPS? How does this affect security? Read more to find out!