Women, Peace and Security Global Polling Project

Being inclusive of women’s opinions and ideas exponentially increases the probability of successful security-related initiatives, from policing to military action, peacekeeping, and preventing and countering violent extremism.

The findings in this poll came from two online surveys conducted in the summer and fall of 2018 by the Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership/ICAN and World Pulse. Additionally, two focus groups were held in Jakarta, Indonesia in July 2018. Participants were asked questions about how they define security, their security concerns and priorities, and security and representation. 

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Promote economic opportunity and financial stability

Invest in women’s entrepreneurship, promote employment opportunities for youth who may become perpetrators and/or victims of violence

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Encourage Good Governance

Fully implement laws and policies in practice and not just on paper

Infrastructure for Women's Safety

Improve infrastructure and institutions to promote safety

Involve women in discussions related to the design of cities, transportation systems, workplaces, schools, and other spaces to understand what they need to feel safe