Contributing to Gender Equality: ONN and OSF Join Forces for the Women of Mass Distinction Reception

On 24 May, ONN had the pleasure of co-sponsoring the "Women of Mass Distinction" (WMD) networking reception.

The event was hosted on the sidelines of the joint annual meeting of the International Nuclear Materials Management (INMM) and the European Safeguards Research and Development Association (ESARDA), supporting the recognition of women's contributions to the nuclear field. The reception was co-sponsored by two of the One Earth Future Foundation programmes – Open Nuclear Network (ONN) and Our Secure Future (OSF). The event aimed to foster connections, promote dialogue and highlight the contributions of women in a traditionally male-dominated field. As organisations dedicated to promoting gender equality and women's full participation in global governance, the ONN and OSF are delighted to support this empowering initiative.

WMD Reception

The reception was attended by ONN Director Andreas Persbo, ONN inaugural Director Laura Rockwood, Research & Analysis Manager Marcy Fowler,  Administrative Manager Marion Linger and Research Consultant Vareliia Hesse. Their presence at the event further emphasised ONN's commitment to amplifying the voices and contributions of women in the nuclear field.