OSF Director Participates in Swiss Conference on Gender Dimensions in Peacebuilding

OSF was invited to participate in an international workshop hosted by Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance.

OSF Director Sahana Dharmapuri participated in a conference hosted by SWISSINT, R4D Programme (Swiss National Science Foundation, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation), and Swiss Institute for Global Affairs. The half-day conference was focused on the Gender Dimensions in Peacebuilding, and was attended by high level Swiss officials and military personnel. 

Throughout the discussion, the Swiss Government announced the conclusion of their decade-long study into whether or not gender plays a role in peacebuilding -- their study found that gender is crucial to effective peacebuilding. The conversation included the importance of civil society and gender mainstreaming in both security and peace matters. The OSF Director’s contribution to the convening was to underscore the key role the Women, Peace and Security agenda must have in all peace and security decision making.