An Eclectic Take On Foreign Policy Innovation

Sahana Dharmapuri speaks at Denver Eclectics about a Feminist Foreign Policy

On September 22, 2017—one day after International Peace Day—Our Secure Future Director, Sahana Dharmapuri, spoke to an audience of 290 people, hosted by Denver Eclectics at the Denver Country Club, on the definition of the increasingly well-known concept of a Feminist Foreign Policy. The conversation centered around how, contrary to the current headlines, the future of all of us rests in the hands of women.

As its name suggests, a Feminist Foreign Policy highlights the fact that today, globally, women are actively questioning assumptions about what security means. They are challenging existing power structures with new ideas and actions to shape international peace and security policies. How does the increased participation of women in decision making—a hallmark of the Women, Peace and Security agenda—impact security thinking and doing? And do men have a role to play in implementing a feminist foreign policy?

More information on how to achieve a Feminist Foreign Policy is available in Ms. Dharmapuri’s recent article in Ms. Magazine.