US Naval War College Hosts Sixth Annual Conference on Women, Peace and Security

Naval War College conference

On May 31–June 1, 2018, the US Naval War College hosted its sixth annual conference on Women, Peace and Security (WPS), at which Our Secure Future (OSF) program staff members Catie Fowler and Lexie Van Buskirk were invited to present. The theme of the conference was Promoting Global Leadership, and panel discussions centered around topics such as regional issues, cybersecurity, and education. On a panel entitled “Ideas Worth Considering,” Catie shared results from OSF’s upcoming publication, “Just the Facts: A Selected Annotated Bibliography to Support Evidence-Based Policymaking on Women, Peace and Security,” with evidence in support of the effectiveness of the WPS agenda across multiple sectors. On the education panel, Lexie shared insights from OSF’s policy brief, “Grooming the Next Generation of Foreign Policymakers: Women, Peace and Security in Practice,” and made the argument for a set of core competencies to be shared across WPS curricula.