US Ambassador Speaks at One Earth Future

Ambassador Don Steinberg
Ambassador Donald Steinberg

“Countries that respect women are peaceful and prosperous.”- Ambassador Don Steinberg

Our Secure Future Fellow, Ambassador Don Steinberg came to One Earth Future’s (OEF) main office on October 3rd for a professional development talk. The ambassador spoke on his personal and professional goals to eliminate extreme poverty and, by extension, violent conflict. Speaking from experience in Central African Republic, Angola, and elsewhere, Steinberg reflected on his efforts to engage women in development and peacebuilding and how these steps in his career have led him to be an advocate for Women, Peace and Security and a proponent of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325.

Our Secure Future is very lucky to have Ambassador Steinberg serving as a Fellow! Keep an eye out for more of his work through our Mobilizing Male Allies for Women, Peace and Security (MAWPS) initiative.

collage of images from Ambassador Steignberg's visit