Male Allies for Women, Peace and Security Interview Series: Gary Barker

Watch our series in collaboration with Strategy for Humanity interviewing men as partners for Women, Peace and Security.

Gary Barker, PhD is a leading researcher on men’s use of violence and pathways to non-violence in both conflict and non-conflict settings, and a global voice for engaging men in healthy masculinities and gender equality.  He holds a Master’s in Public Policy from Duke University and PhD in Developmental Psychology from Loyola University-Chicago. He is the founder of Equimundo (formerly Promundo) an international organization that works in post-conflict Africa, Latin America and in the Middle East to prevent violence. In this interview, Mr. Barker discusses the conflation of manhood with violence, the importance of redefining masculinity, and how men can act as allies to women’s voices. Check out the rest of the video below!