Women, Peace and Security Global Polling Project - Digital Toolkit

This social media toolkit for the global polling project includes key messaging, sample posts and graphics for you to share with your networks to encourage them to join the conversation around women’s participation in peace and security decision-making globally.  We’d love to see what you have to say! Be sure to tag us in your posts!

Primary Hashtags: #GlobalPollingProject #OurSecureFuture
Twitter Handles: @OEForg @OurSecureFuture @WorldPulse @whatthewomensay
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What do peace and security mean to you? In partnership with @whatthewomensay and @WorldPulse, OEF’s @oursecurefuture program has released findings to the #GlobalPollingProject! View the results below. http://bit.ly/WPSGlobalPollingProject
In partnership with @whatthewomensay & @WorldPulse, OEF’s @OurSecureFuture program is happy to announce the release of the #GlobalPollingProject Toolkit. Women provide their thoughts on how they define security, & representation. Access it here: http://bit.ly/WPSGlobalPollingProject
We know that when women are included in peace and security processes, there is a greater chance that peace will be lasting. Our NEW #GlobalPollingProject stories from women across the globe who are taking the lead on the future of security. http://bit.ly/WPSGlobalPollingProject
Security affects us all, from how we make a living to how we vote and how we participate in our communities. How do you define security? Take the #GlobalPolllingProject survey here: https://oursecurefuture.org/projects/women-peace-and-security-global-poll
82% of respondents to the #GlobalPollingProject say they don’t feel adequately represented in discussion about security in their country. @Oursecurefuture wants to hear from #women like YOU! Share your views on the #womenpeacesecurity agenda here: https://oursecurefuture.org/projects/women-peace-and-security-global-poll


The #GlobalPollingProject shows us that nothing less than a fundamental redefinition of security is needed urgently. Women are providing powerful perspectives required to bring about true global security. If you’re interested in joining the conversation. Share your story! Take the survey below. https://oursecurefuture.org/projects/women-peace-and-security-global-poll

We believe that the meaningful participation of women and the implementation of Women Peace and Security are critical to achieving a more peaceful world. #GlobalPollingProject


Did you know that women are leading the peace and security agenda? That’s why @OneEarthFuture’s @oursecurefuture program, @WorldPulsemedia and @whatthewomensay have partnered for the #GlobalPollingProject. Being inclusive of women’s opinions and ideas exponentially increases the probability of successful security-related initiatives, from policing to military action, peacekeeping, and preventing and countering violent extremism. Find out more  http://bit.ly/WPSGlobalPollingProject

For women, security is not just the absence of fear, threat, and violence but also the continued presence of financial stability, access to basic needs, community, and much more. How do you define security? Share your views here!  https://oursecurefuture.org/projects/women-peace-and-security-global-poll  #GlobalPollingProject 

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