Women's Rights and Empowerment

The Interrupters

June 06, 2017
The World Policy Journal has been interrupted!This past winter, Elmira Bayrasli and Lauren Bohn, co-creators of Foreign Policy Interrupted, teamed up with the World Policy Journal to shake up the male-dominated foreign policy status quo. The December edition of World Policy was a special one—penned entirely by female foreign policy experts and journalists. Like all other World Policy Journal... Read more
Fearless Collective Strong Women

Fearless Collective: Fearless Woman With A Strong Dream

May 16, 2017
“Fearless Woman With A Strong Dream” She entrusts to be the most divine creation of God. She sings to herself the silent song of rejoice, She is the most harmonious flower of this garden. She has reinforced her wings to fly higher  And fearlessly create a world of her very own  Where her dreams take their shapes. She has got a life and there is still a child within her. Living is not... Read more

Fearless Collective: Are You Fearless?

May 09, 2017
How about you? Stunning artpiece by Asha Das.
Fearless Collective

Fearless Collective: Don't Forget To Be Fearless

May 03, 2017
Among all the things that you are and all the things that you want to be, do not forget my dear, to be fearless.   Amazing artwork by Sandhya Vaidyanathan
Words are Powerful

Fearless Collective: Words Are Powerful

April 25, 2017
Words ARE powerful. Your voice IS powerful. Don’t let anything, or anyone convince you otherwise.