Women's Rights and Empowerment

photo collage of demonstrations around the world to stop violence against women

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

November 20, 2018
Demonstrations around the world for the elimination of violence against women. From top left, clockwise: Ecuador, UN Women; Laos, UN Women; Tanzania, UN Women; and Darfur, UN Photo/ Albert Gonzales Farran. Our Secure Future stands with women and men around the world committed to eliminating violence against women. We believe in a more peaceful future transformed by women’s full participation.... Read more
 Colombia indigenous communities women

Reweaving Society: Colombia’s Nasa Women Reviving Culture and Dialogue

November 09, 2018
This is the sixth installment in a blog series on civil society engagement with the Women, Peace and Security agenda. The series shares perspectives from multiple focus areas of One Earth Future. Contributors to the series include Alexandra Amling, Kelsey Coolidge, and Catie Fowler. Catch up on your reading for this series with the first four blogs on civil society organizations,... Read more
screen shot from gender dimensions of disaster management video

The Role of Gender in Disaster Response: How to Include the Voices of Women in Humanitarian Programming

November 06, 2018
“Very often, and particularly in disaster situations, women are perceived as victims, [a] helpless, vulnerable lot. This is how media portrays women, as well as many in disaster management. On the contrary, we see women as a resource. They have great capacities and strengths to manage emergencies, to take care of and manage families in displaced situations and to contribute to the rebuilding of... Read more
flags of nations outside United Nations

Our Secure Future Celebrates United Nations Day

October 24, 2018
On October 24, 1945, the United Nations came into being with the ratification of the United Nations Charter. Since that time, women’s equality has become a priority of the UN, starting with Article 1 of the Charter: “To achieve international co-operation . . . in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language,... Read more
michelle bachelet women leadership

Women Wednesday: Michelle Bachelete

August 01, 2018
“We simply can no longer afford to deny the full potential of one half of the population. The world needs to tap into the talent and wisdom of women. Whether the issue is food security, economic recovery, health, or peace and security, the participation of women is needed now more than ever.” - Michelle Bachelet, First woman President of Chile