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screen shot from gender dimensions of disaster management video

The Role of Gender in Disaster Response: How to Include the Voices of Women in Humanitarian Programming

November 06, 2018
“Very often, and particularly in disaster situations, women are perceived as victims, [a] helpless, vulnerable lot. This is how media portrays women, as well as many in disaster management. On the contrary, we see women as a resource.
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When It Comes to Peace and Security, What Do the Women Say?

October 29, 2018
On October 31, 2000, the United Nations Security Council unanimously passed United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR 1325) on Women, Peace and Security as the first formal recognition by the international community of the critical roles women play in conflict prevention, conflict re
Julie Bishop at UN

National Action Plan Case Study: Australia as a Model for Success

October 12, 2018
This is the fourth installment in a blog series on civil society engagement with the Women, Peace and Security agenda. The series shares perspectives from multiple focus areas of One Earth Future.
women peace and security act united states

Know Your History: The Making of the Women, Peace, and Security Act

October 08, 2018
The US Women, Peace, and Security Act (WPS Act) celebrated its first anniversary on October 6, 2018.
above view of the US Congress being sworn into session

The Bipartisan Support behind the US Women, Peace, and Security Act

October 03, 2018
In October 2017, the US Women, Peace, and Security Act was passed, making the United States of America the second state in the world to pass legislation in support of the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda, following Israel’s Women’s Equal Rights Law of 1951 with specific language on implemen