Peace and Security

Podcast Round-up: Listening to Women’s Voices

July 21, 2017
This week we are highlighting two podcasts that take a deep dive into WPS.

Saying Their Peace: Jamie Dobie

July 18, 2017
Jamie Dobie, above, at our first annual Designing Our Secure Future event in Ottawa, Canada.

Summer Reads: The Chalice and the Blade

July 14, 2017
We’re kicking off our Summer Reads series that will examine non-fiction books with a tie to the women, peace and security agenda. Our first book in the series is The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler.

Notes From The Field: WPS Experts Weigh In

July 06, 2017
Our Notes From The Field series has been designed to highlight the opinions and advice of Women, Peace and Security experts around the world. In this series, we hope to bring attention not only to the tireless work they’ve been doing, but also to the plans they have for the future.
no justice without women

On Peace, Justice, and Lady Liberty

July 05, 2017
Both the photo and quote contained here were captured at our first annual Designing Our Secure Future event held in Ottawa, Canada, from June 20-22.