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Radio for Peace: How Gender Analysis Can Lead to Lifesaving Communications

February 13, 2019
How can a radio program save lives? An example from the Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute’s SOLLIMS Sampler tells us how applying a gender perspective to radio programming in Afghanistan did exactly that.
UN peacekeeping parity women front line video

Parity on the Frontline: UN Seeks to Boost Number of Female Peacekeepers

February 05, 2019
With 8,000 women deployed in peacekeeping missions as of 2018, women comprised only 4 percent of peacekeeping soldiers and 10 percent of peacekeeping police.
screengrab from video on Yemeni women

Yemeni Women Demand Seat at the Table

January 15, 2019
My hope is that we will be living in peace five years from now. - Yemeni Woman Peacebuilder
the year iun women peace and security

Look Back at 2018: The Year in Women, Peace and Security

December 31, 2018
NATO women peace security video still

NATO: We Need Women’s Voices in Peace and Security

December 18, 2018
“If peace is to be sustainable, then it must include the voices of women.”- Office of the Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security at NATO