Leadership and Participation, Women's Rights and Empowerment

Where Are All the Women? Here Are All the Women!

March 02, 2018
In 2015, Elle Magazine began their #MoreWomen Campaign, to highlight the absence of women from international leadership and decision-making bodies by photoshopping men out of historical photos.  This movement picked up steam as feminists around the world continued to ask, “Where are all the women?”  Certainly, there is a lack of female participation in the upper echelons of global... Read more

Cross-over: How Are Women, Peace and Security and Inter-faith Dialogue Related?

February 28, 2018
The Women, Peace and Security movement does not only apply to traditional security agencies, such as North Atlantic Treaty Organization or the Security Council.  It takes places in many forms and in many communities.  In fact, it is the recommendation of United Nations (UN) Security Council Resolution 1325 for “all actors to increase the participation of women and incorporate gender... Read more

Lack of Female Representation at Davos Shows Gap in Global Leadership

February 23, 2018
Another World Economic Forum (WEF) has come and gone, but something was missing amongst heads of state and business leaders: women. The shocking dichotomy between men and women’s attendance is demonstrated by the widely-known fact that there is never a line for the women’s room, while men often have to wait. This year, women only made up 21 percent of attendees at the Forum, an annual gathering... Read more

Security Roundtable: Women, Peace and Security expert, Cynthia Enloe

February 16, 2018
In this second part of our Security Roundtable interview series, Our Secure Future speaks with expert Cynthia Enloe to examine United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, learn about challenges in the field, and find out what keeps her up at night. Our first roundtable with male leaders can be found here. Cynthia Enloe is a Research Professor in the Department of International... Read more

The Women of V-Day: How local activists effect change in their communities

February 12, 2018
Every day, women around the world are creating positive change in their communities, whether it means battling gender-based violence, fighting climate change, or combatting human trafficking.  These initiatives—and the women that lead them—show us how women are affecting change through their full and meaningful participation in the Women, Peace and Security movement.  V-Day, a global... Read more