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Gender Equality: A Better Path to Security and Stability

June 22, 2021
In the middle of World War I, over 1,000 women activists across Europe organized a convention at the Hague to detail the link between women’s rights and international peace. In 1948, women played essential parts in drafting and completing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ensuring the inclusion of women’s rights. In 1979, feminists around the world succeeded in the UN’s adoption of the... Read more
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Women, Peace and Security for the Digital Age Highlights

May 27, 2021
Our digital lives are being shaped mostly by a small group of people working in big tech — and most of them are men. The gender divide at the heart of the world’s most powerful tech companies makes everyone – not just women – less safe online. In partnership with Foreign Policy, we convened accomplished digital thought leaders to assess solutions to rectify gender inequities within the technology... Read more
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Lessons From Gender-Blind Infrastructure

May 17, 2021
“Urban planning that fails to account for women's risk of being sexually assaulted is a clear violation of women's equal right to public spaces...” ― Caroline Criado-Pérez, “Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men” Urban planning and infrastructure may not seem like fields where gender plays a huge role, but it has a surprising amount of influence on our daily lives. We have a... Read more
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TEDTalk Tuesday: Madeleine Rees

May 04, 2021
“When your children turn to you and say in that terrible time well it looked as if the world would implode what did you do and you'll be able to look at them you say I stood up for Humanity so you could have yours.” Madeleine Rees OBE, is the Secretary-General of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) and a lawyer who has practiced in the UK and worked for the U.N. One of... Read more
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Yemen Through the Lens of Women, Peace and Security: Gender-Based Violence

April 15, 2021
Our Secure Future seeks to promote and raise the voices, thoughts and policy opinions of women around the globe-- particularly when it comes to security, conflict prevention and resolution, and peace. As a guest blog, the views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of Our Secure Future or One Earth Future. This blog is the third of a three-part series which examines... Read more