Speaking Their Peace: Women Peacebuilders Share Insights on Mobilization

Adapted from Jared Rodriguez / Truthout

There can be no peace without women peacebuilders. Three women from Our Secure Future’s partner organization, the Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership (WASL), share their insights on women’s engagement in peace and reconciliation.

Laylah Al-Sanousi

“Women are actively working to bolster the concept of peace through community awareness, which is the foundation of peacebuilding and national reconciliation.” 

—Laylah Al-Sanousi, local council member in Umm al Aranib, southern Libya, partner of the Libyan Women’s Forum (LWF)

Robinah Rubimbwa

“Women will not be silenced. When the men citizens have entrusted with leadership have failed them, women will not be silenced. They will mobilize, they will strategize, they may go underground, but they will not be silenced. They will work with resolve to secure the peace for all.” 

—Robinah Rubimbwa, national coordinator of the Coalition for Action on Resolution 1325 (CoACT 1325) in Uganda

Faiza Dhocob

“We demand justice for women. We push women to raise their voices. But it should not be only civil society helping women. Women are still vulnerable. We want to take every position possible to help them, and inform them of their rights.”

—Faiza Dhocob, coordinator of the Somali National Human Rights Defenders Coalition