Raising Women’s Voices: Education Opens Doors

This week we are recognizing another of our Distinguished Partners for Women, Peace and Security. Rita Martin Lopidia Abraham is the Executive Director for EVE Organization for Women’s Development in South Sudan. 

Ms. Abraham personally understands the challenges of being an Internally Displaced Person as her family escaped the violence of the second civil war in Sudan in 1990. Moving from South Sudan to Sudan, she was able to receive a university education despite facing discrimination for her religious beliefs. Working with friends from university, they came together to form EVE Organization for Women’s Development. 

The organization focuses on women’s empowerment through skills building, rights awareness and leadership training. In 2011, EVE sought to inform and encourage women to participate in the referendum to determine whether South Sudan should remain a part of Sudan or become independent. EVE has also played a critical role in monitoring the implementation of UN Resolution 1325 in South Sudan. Watch her full interview above!

Raising Women’s Voices is a series of blogs and videos highlighting the work of women peacebuilders from around the globe. During the COVID-19 crisis, we want to highlight the work of women because it is more critical than ever to support women peacebuilders who are key to maintaining stable and peaceful communities. We will feature interviews with the awardees for Distinguished Partners for Women, Peace and Security 2020, and stories from our Global Polling Project, originally posted on World Pulse. We will continue to amplify women’s voices with new stories through this campaign.