Embracing Who We Are, Just the Way We Are

Story About Women Empowerment

Washiba Rasa, Bangladesh

From a woman, for a woman, to the women

Security to me is not just a word, it’s a goal in life. That can be financial, social and most importantly personal. Often people misunderstand security for wars and guns, but they forget that at the end of the day the only one who or what can make you feel secure is yourself and the people around you. For a woman, or anyone else even, security can start at your home. Our families are always there to support us and can help us feel secure by making us feel like we are safe, with them and ourselves. No women deserve to feel belittled, embarrassed or unappreciated for who they are. Them being a female which I honesty consider a blessing is simply a gender that God has decided for them to be. We mustn’t forget that we’re all human.

To The Mother and Sisters

To all the mother and sisters out there, you are stronger than you think. That may not be physically, but mentally and emotionally, which I believe is something that cannot be made by hours of working out etc. You deserve and are capable of doing things that you can’t even imagine. And I get the fact that the society is not the best, but it could be a lot worse too. This is the era of revolution. Now, we must stand together, strong a force that cannot be reckoned with. Only then, by appreciating ourselves we will be able to discover our undeniable capabilities.

Say What You Believe Is Right

So, speak your mind, from saying what you believe is right to its establishment. Be the boss at home and at work. Treat men with respect and kill those sexists with kindness. Teach this society that without a mother they’d never even be here at the first place. Change starts with us. Females should get higher education. This way we can set for ourselves a better, higher working position and be respected for it. If a woman is the earning member of the family trust me, no man can let you down. That is because he can only earn money, that is what he will only do and the only way he lets you down. Teach him that he is no way better than you. If God has blessed you with that beautiful mind, use it.

Create a Secure Future

At the end of the day greater physical strength will do them no good. It is a women’s thinking abilities that can change the present, make it a better tomorrow. Create a secure future for yourself and your family if you have one. And my last advice is to never give up. The moment you give up on being who you are is from when you are no more truly alive. Life cannot get any better from there. So, it’s up to you to try to make your life a secure, happy one. This is to all the women out there. From a woman who has finally learned to let go of all the negativity of this world and learned to love herself as just who she is, to a woman who knows now why she must embrace herself as who she is, just the way she is.

This story is from the Women, Peace and Security Global Polling project.