OSF Director Moderates a Panel at Bioneers 2020 Conference

Bioneers conference

On Saturday December 5, Our Secure Future’s Director, Sahana Dharmapuri, moderated a panel discussion on “If Women Led the World: Midwifing the World Anew” at the Bioneers 2020 Conference. Panelists included Vanessa Daniel, founder and Executive Director of Groundswell Fund; Jensine Larsen, founder of World Pulse; and, Tia Oros Peters, CEO of Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples. 

The conversation of the panel centered around each panelist’s vision for a future in which all women are fully empowered to lead. The panelists celebrated Black women’s hard work to ensure universal enfranchisement across the US during the 2020 election and emphasized the importance of following women’s leadership.

The panelists stressed that the equality they are fighting for is not for marginalized groups to replace dominant groups in power hierarchies, but to, instead, ensure that women, and particularly women of color, are celebrated to the same extent as those at the top of the current hierarchy.

There was extensive engagement in the chatbox of viewers echoing and celebrating the comments made throughout the panel. Questions for the panelists ranged from how we can overcome misogyny throughout society, to book and podcast recommendations.

Sahana and the panelists ended the discussion by agreeing that the key moving forward is to keep our foot on the gas -- keep pushing for the change we want to see. Check out the full transcript here!