Daring Voices Interview

Daring voices podcast wps election US

Our Secure Future Director Sahana Dharmapuri was invited to speak as part of Peace and Security Funders Group’s (PSFG) interview series “Daring Voices.” This conversation series is sparking some new thinking amongst PSFG members and other funders. Other Daring Voices interviews featured a conversation about U.S. exceptionalism with Sadia Hameed (Thought Partnerships) and Heather Hurlburt (New America) and a conversation on philanthropy’s power to resist authoritarianism with Kerri Kennedy (AFSC) and Ivan Marovic (youth organizer and revolutionary from Serbia).

In this Daring Voices, PSFG asked a few members to reflect on the recent U.S. election and what it means for their particular issue expertise. 


If you want to skip ahead, Sahana’s interview starts at 29:09.