OSF Fellow at Build Peace Conference

Jolynn Shoemaker

OSF Fellow Jolynn Shoemaker

On November 14, 2019, OSF Fellow Jolynn Shoemaker attended the 2019 Build Peace Conference titled “Borderlands: Dividing and Bridging Communities with Technology, Storytelling and Arts” at the University of San Diego. The conference highlighted how technology is both bridging and exacerbating divides in societies, with implications for conflict prevention, resolution, peace and democracy. The conference provided an opportunity to connect with peacebuilders from around the world who are working to harness the potential of technological innovation and platforms, while mitigating navigating the negative, and often dangerous trends that are also occurring on social media platforms. Jolynn was able to discuss the OSF project "Global Gender Equality in the Digital Age: Bridging the Gaps between Tech and Women, Peace and Security” with those working on the intersection between peace activism and tech.