Micro-Hacks for Gender Equality: Tips from Sweden’s Feminist Foreign Policy Handbook

Sweden Feminist foreign policy tips
The Riksdag, above, houses the national legislature and the decision-making body of Sweden

Gender mainstreaming is a critical pillar of the Women, Peace and Security agenda, and gender analysis is necessary to do it. Sweden’s newly released Feminist Foreign Policy Handbook is full of tips and best practices for incorporating gender analysis in foreign policy. This reporting checklist is a useful tool for conducting situation reports and monitoring and evaluation in the field. Taking these steps is a good way to ensure that the needs of men, women, boys, and girls are being understood and met:

  • Ensure reporting illustrates the theme and its gender equality aspects, for example voter participation from a gender equality perspective as a cornerstone of democracy, or gender-related violence as a threat to security.
  • Clarify the rights, opportunities, and needs of women, girls, boys, and men in the context.
  • Use sex- and age-disaggregated data.
  • Use an intersectional perspective that clarifies the fact that women and girls, men and boys have different identities, needs, influence, and living conditions.
  • Consult people, groups, and/or organizations that work with gender equality.


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