Micro-Hacks for Gender Equality: Tips from Sweden’s Feminist Foreign Policy Handbook

What can we learn from Sweden? Women, Peace, Security budgeting
The Riksdag houses the national legislature and the supreme decision-making body of Sweden

Two of the most important things to know for implementing the Women, Peace and Security agenda are how to fund it and where the money is going. One way to ensure the funding is used effectively is gender budgeting. If you have ever wondered what a gender budget is, here is a great resource from Sweden’s Feminist Foreign Policy Handbook. These five steps and questions for drafting a proposal for gender budgeting are a strong foundation for creating gender budgets for Women, Peace and Security.

Step 1. Is gender equality relevant to the proposal?

Step 2. In what way is gender equality relevant to the proposal?

Step 3. What conclusions can be drawn in connection with women’s and men’s, girls’ and boys’ conditions and circumstances in the proposal?

Step 4. Which gender patterns emerge, and what significance does the proposal have for gender equality?

Step 5. Which alternative proposals are there that can promote gender equality more?


To learn more about how feminist foreign policy can be adapted in the United States, read “Five Steps to a Feminist Foreign Policy” by Our Secure Future Director Sahana Dharmapuri and Fellow Jolynn Shoemaker.