Remembering the Women Who Resisted the Holocaust

A newspaper story on the death of Irena Sendler, Photo by Jake

As we mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 26th, let us also remember the women that contributed to Holocaust resistance, often putting themselves in harm’s way.  Among them are the following heroes:

Irenda Sendler- The Polish social worker who smuggled children out of Jewish ghettoes, rescuing 2,500 with her network over the course of WWII

Hannah Szenes- The Jewish parachutist who worked for anti-Nazi forces in Yugoslavia and Hungary and refused to give up valuable intelligence when captured by the Germans

Gisi Fleischmann- The Jewish council member and leader in Bratislava who fought to halt the deportations of Jews from Slovakia

Mire Gola- The Communist and Polish Worker’s Party activist who organized a prison break and wrote poetry to inspire her fellow inmates while incarcerated

Haika Grosman- The woman who escaped the ghetto to organize the “anti-fascist committee” to help Jews escape the ghetto and coordinate an armed resistance

Many more women opposed the Holocaust and the Nazi regime in concentration camps, in ghettos, and by forming underground railroads to help Jews escape.  Let their bravery be remembered.