Dear World, Move Us Toward Peace

Dear World, Move Us Toward Peace Letter Writing Project
Dear World, Letter Writing Project - Image by Sahana Dharmapuri

Repeat after me... I am a woman, I am smart, I have opinions, I have feelings, I care, I make a difference, I matter, I am a woman and I am proud of who I am. -Nour, Algeria

These are the words of one girl who wants peace. There are hundreds of others like her around the world. In a world where conflict disproportionately affects women and children, there is a need to support and raise up the voices of these young women. For any young woman to grow to up be a negotiator, mediator, or peacemaker, they need more opportunities to explore solutions to end violence, and to believe they have the agency and capacity to be change-makers. The beliefs young women have about themselves and the world matter. The Dear World peace letter project is one forum where they can express their experiences and ideas about how to create a more peaceful and just world.

Letters from young women and girls around the world will be posted to the Dear World site every Friday. Although English is a second language for many of these girls, their letters remain largely unedited allowing their insights to be expressed in their own words. We hope you will be inspired by these letters and will consider sharing them or writing one of your own.