Photo credit: Jacob Sapp on Unsplash

In the second of three new installments in our Back to Basics series, we will cover seven simple WPS micro hacks that will change the way you do your work.

Last week we introduced the concept of using micro hacks to help integrate your daily work with some of the core principles of the Women, Peace and Security agenda. Most of these micro hacks focus on the principle of women’s full and equal participation—but that doesn’t mean we want to exclude men.

Rather, asking these simple questions begins to shed a light on the power dynamics between men and women. Asking questions about who has visibility and credibility, or who gets to set the agenda and priorities helps us understand how we can address power imbalances and move toward genuine equality.

Many times these are simple questions—but we forget to ask them.

Today, when you read any article, policy brief, report, or blog, ask yourself one of these questions and let us know what happened:

  1. Who are the experts that you turn to for information?
  2. When you go to a meeting, look around you and ask, who is in the room and who isn’t? And why?
  3. When you read the newspaper today count how many women experts vs men experts were interviewed.