no justice without women

On Peace, Justice, and Lady Liberty

July 05, 2017
Both the photo and quote contained here were captured at our first annual Designing Our Secure Future event held in Ottawa, Canada, from June 20-22.
Women and Peacekeeping Intelligence

Women Are Crucial for Success in Peacekeeping and Intelligence Gathering

May 30, 2017
Nearly two decades since UNSCR 1325, the deployment of uniformed women peacekeepers has risen from 1% to just 3%, just shy of 4,000 women total.
Fighting extremism starts with mothers

Fighting Extremism Starts with Mothers

May 12, 2017
Over the last two weeks, our blog has focused on the increasing threat posed by technology. A prime example of this is the success of the so-called Islamic State in recruiting new fighters through social media.
Social Media and Conflict

Social Media and Peace Operations

April 07, 2017
Over the past several years, the meteoric rise of social media has been an integral part of uprisings and revolutions across the globe.
Security equality for women

Security Equality—What Is It?

April 03, 2017
A question I am often asked is “What does gender equality have to do with security?” There are many scholarly books and articles that go into depth about the different impact that armed conflict has on men, women, boys, and girls because of their different gender roles.