A Woman's Place is in the House and the Senate

August 25, 2017
by Christina Ibanez and Lexie VanBuskirk
Notorious RBG Summer Reads Review

Summer Reads: Notorious RBG

August 04, 2017
“Just as I don’t think that men are the superior sex, neither do I think women are.

Notes From The Field: WPS Experts Weigh In

July 06, 2017
Our Notes From The Field series has been designed to highlight the opinions and advice of Women, Peace and Security experts around the world. In this series, we hope to bring attention not only to the tireless work they’ve been doing, but also to the plans they have for the future.
legendary American women to celebrate Independence Day

An Inspirational Independence Day, Compliments of Legendary American Women

July 01, 2017
In honor of Independence Day in the U.S., we’ve decided to highlight four independent American women who, in their time, inspired and empowered future generations.
Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James speaks about the importance of women in national security at the Stimson Center, 2014.

When It Comes to Gender in National Security, Our Leaders Lack Information, Not Interest

June 22, 2017
Last week, on June 20th, the House of Representatives passed the Women, Peace and Security Act with unanimous support. Now more than ever, the five datapoints listed below will be an invaluable resource for anyone working on the Hill.