Catie Fowler

Catie Fowler

Project Coordinator

Catie Fowler is a Project Coordinator for Our Secure Future.  She graduated with an MA from the Korbel School of International Studies with a Certificate in Humanitarian Assistance and a specialization in Gender in Conflict.  During her time in graduate school, Catie worked as a researcher and Projects Manager at the Human Trafficking Center.  She also interned in refugee resettlement at Denver’s African Community Center and with Oxfam America researching local leadership in disaster response and preparation. Prior to pursuing her MA, Catie developed an interest in Women, Peace and Security by working in post-conflict and refugee settings.  She served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Rwanda and worked with a grassroots refugee organization in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, Uganda where she witnessed the power of women’s leadership in action.  In her free time, Catie enjoys kickboxing, cooking for family and friends, getting outdoors and spending time with her pet lovebird.


Flipping narrative on women as victims

Flipping the Narrative: What’s Right with Women

June 11, 2018
Is the common narrative on women as victims helpful or harmful? OSF argues that women's equality is more likely to improve if women are viewed as change agents instead.
JFK signing the Equal Pay Act

Fifty-Five Year Recap: The US Equal Pay Act

June 07, 2018
At the 55th Anniversary of the US Equal Pay Act, are women in the US actually receiving equal pay for equal work?
World Environment Day- terracing fields

World Environment Day: What Are Women Around the World Doing to Promote Environmentalism?

June 05, 2018
On World Environment Day, find out what women activists are doing to preserve communities and the planet.
iraqi woman holds her voter registration card

As More Women Run for Office in Iraq, Are Gender Quotas Producing their Expected Result?

June 04, 2018
As more women are running for office in Iraq, what impact have gender quotas had and what will it take to increase women's political representation?
Liberian police force includes women

Why More Women? The Efficacy of Incorporating Women in Local Police Forces

May 21, 2018
Why do we need more women police?  A look at India, Liberia, and Ukraine provides evidence.
Where did mothers day come from

What You Didn’t Know about Mother’s Day: The Anti-War Origins of a Hallmark Holiday

May 11, 2018
For early female anti-war activists, the original "Mother’s Peace Day" came in response to the horrors of the American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War in Europe.
Nobel Laureates Shirin Ebadi and Mairead Corrigan Maguire

Women Nobel Peace Laureates Organize First-Ever Feminist Summit at G7

May 09, 2018
At the G7 Summit in Ottawa this year, women set a new precedent with the first ever W7, a feminist summit organized by Nobel Peace Laureates.

Lessons Learned: Why Gender Analysis Is Critical to Stability and Peacekeeping Operations

April 23, 2018
Lessons learned from the Stability Operations Lessons Learned & Information Management Systems (SOLLIMS) show us how implementing the Women, Peace and Security agenda leads to better security and stabilization.